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    Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith

    Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith is a renaissance man. He has worn many hats throughout his career, and he does it all with skill and expertise. Douglas has experience in marketing and sales training, as well as stock investment and rental property administration. He is an excellent role model for individuals in a variety of professions. Douglas is also dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate. He never misses an opportunity to lend a hand.

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    Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith was born and reared in Southern California. As a child, he had a wide range of interests and couldn't determine how he wanted to spend his mature years. One thing he did know was that he always believed it was preferable to be in the trenches than at school. He planned to enter the professional world as soon as he graduated from high school. Despite his preference for experience, he took advantage of various self-help seminars that gave him the specific abilities he believed required in his working life.


    Douglas has been self-employed for almost 35 years. He feels nothing beats the satisfaction of creating something from the ground up. Even though establishing a new business has its hurdles, he has found a lot of drive in his mantra, "if it's to be - it's up to ME." His passion and work ethic have distinguished him from others in his field.


    He possesses many skills, but his primary concentration has been establishing two independent, profitable marketing enterprises. He has taught thousands of competent salesmen and allowed them to demonstrate their abilities. He thinks everyone has the power to overcome challenges in life; all they need is the enthusiasm and determination to do so. Many professionals have followed in his footsteps, and many people who used to work for his marketing companies are doing well independently.


    As evidence of his achievement, he has been named the top marketing agent in his sector for 12 of the last 35 years. He has also received state and multi-state prizes in 30 of the last 35 years, demonstrating his exceptional sector talent.


    Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith has extensive expertise in the real estate business, in addition to his success as a marketing specialist. He feels that real estate is a good investment but that individuals should consider it carefully before purchasing a property. Whether someone is buying a home or commercial property, he has a great deal of experience with rental property management.


    Much of his experience stems from his love for property flipping. He feels that many lovely homes in the region just need a little sensitive love and attention. What began as a pastime has now evolved into a substantial commercial interest since he spends much time refurbishing ancient properties. Then, after he has figured out how to bring out the home's secret responsibility, he may put it back on the market and sell it to a deserving individual.


    He also believes that individuals should utilize their money to produce money. That is why he concentrates on stock market investment. Investing in the stock market is difficult, and he is a self-taught expert. He knows how to invest effectively for various investment horizons and shares his expertise, knowledge, and investing strategies with others. Many individuals wish to retire one day, but it will be impossible to accomplish so unless they invest in the stock market. This is a skill he has handed down to his children.


    When he isn't pursuing one of his numerous business ventures, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith devotes his time to helping people in need. He spends a lot of time helping with charitable groups in the neighbourhood, hoping to make a difference in the community. He is passionate about a wide range of hobbies and is very helpful with his time and money, attempting to assist people who may not have as many resources as he has. He hopes to instil this in others, urging them to give back to the community as well.


    Even though Doug spends a significant amount of time at work, he is committed to maintaining a great work-life balance. He believes being blessed with four lovely children to be his greatest accomplishment. He has two daughters and two sons and strives to be a great role model for them daily. He consistently prioritizes his children's needs before his own and has taught them many vital life skills. He has sacrificed his children, yet he would not alter anything. He is extremely proud of their successes and is excited about what the future holds for them. His children are his biggest source of pride and happiness.


    He also enjoys discussing his interests with his friends and family. He makes time in his hectic schedule for hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, and travelling. He feels that travelling throughout the world may teach individuals a lot. He has already visited around 15 countries but hopes to visit dozens more over the next few decades. When he travels, he seeks ways to help others who are less fortunate. He also feels that travelling might give individuals a new perspective on how fortunate they are to live the lives they do.

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